CENTRE CLOSED - The Boroondara Sports Complex will be closed until further notice

Council will temporarily close all aquatic and leisure facilities from Wednesday 18 March until 15 April 2020, with the possibility of this closure being extended.

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Thank you for choosing to get active with us during Premier’s Active April (PAA)!

During April, visit reception and show your Premier’s Active April card (register here if you have not already), to receive your YMCA 10 visit pass card*. Once you have your card, you can use your free visits between 1 April and 30 April 2020.

For more information, please contact our team or ask us at reception.

We look forward to seeing you in centre soon!

*Click here to see YMCA 10 Visit Pass Card Terms and Conditions


See below for specific activities, events and conditions of use within the centre:

  • Access to Group Fitness classes (18 years and older) see schedule for classes (subject to availability)
  • Access to Health Club (18 years and older)
  • Casual access to stadiums for basketball (subject to availability)
  • Access to pools (must adhere to Watch Around Water policy)
  • Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    9:15am      Body Step        
    9:15am      Aquacise        
    10:45am         Barre (standing pilates)    
    11:30am              Body Balance
    12:00pm          Fit & Fab    
    12:30pm      Body Balance        
    2:00pm  Gentle Water Exercise         Body Balance  
    2:30pm  Tai Chi   Tai Chi         
    3:00pm   Aqua Movers   Aqua Movers      
    4:30pm           Body Step  Body Pump
    5:00pm            CXWORX  
    5:30pm  Body Step   Vinyasa Yoga Body Step  Virtual Spin    
    6:00pm   Barre (standing pilates)   CXWORX      
    6:15pm  Spin/Circuit            
    6:30pm  Body Attack            
    7:00pm   Virtual Spin          
  • Boroondara Sports Complex
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    6:15am  Circuit METCON       Circuit    
    9:30am  Pilates  Aqua Aerobics    Aqua Aerobics  Pilates  Deep Water Running  
    10:15am    Active Adults  Active Adults  Active Adults      
    10:30am  Classical Yoga      Body Balance      
    11:30pm         Super Seniors    
    5:30pm              Iyengar Yoga
    6:30pm       Zumba       
    7:00pm Iyengar Yoga            
    7:30pm     Hatha Yoga         
  • Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    6:15am  Body Pump      Strength Virtual Cycle     
    7:30am  Deep Water Running            
    8:00am            PZ Metcon  
    9:00am             Dosha Vinyasa Yoga
    9:30am    Kettlebell  Groove   PZ Metcon  Body Pump  Cycle
    9:30am    Cycle          
    10:30am Yin Yoga Body Balance     Barre Fusion      
    10:45am              Boxing
    12:00pm   Pryme Strength           
    12:45pm     Aqua Aerobics         
    2:00pm       Aqua Aerobics      
    4:30pm           Body Balance   
    5:30pm   Body Pump           
    6:30pm Strength   Zumba   HIIT Circuit Zumba     
    6:30pm  Virtual Cycle            
    7:00pm     Vinyasa Yoga         
  • Kew Recreation Centre
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    6:00am    Running Group    Running Group      
    6:15am  Body Pump   Body Pump/CX  Body Step      
    8:05am              Core
    9:30am            Body Attack  
    10:15pm  Pryme Aqua            
    11:30pm            Body Balance  
    11:40pm             Yoga 
    12:30pm   Mat Pilates           
    2:00pm  Pryme Active            
    2:15pm     Community Aqua         
    6:15pm       Yoga      Aqua
    6:30pm         Body Step     
    7:30pm      Pilates        
    8:30pm   Body Balance    Body Balance