Excited for summer but not sure how to overindulge without regret? Going on a holiday and hate feeling like you have to restart upon returning? The Healthy Habits seminar covers how you can maintain healthy nutritional habits without diets or detoxing, and get enjoy the most out of the holidays.

Come along to our upcoming Nutrition Seminar. Learn about healthy habits and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle to feel happier and healthier.
Suitable to anyone interested in nutrition and exercise, this seminar will answer questions such as: 

  • Do I need to detox after Christmas?
  • Do I have to eat breakfast?
  • Should I be doing intermittent fasting?
  • Is it a good idea to fast?
  • Everyone's talking about Keto- should I give it a try?
  • What about protein powders?

This seminar is also a great opportunity to ask specific questions in relation to your own lifestyle.


  • Date: Thursday, 21 November 2019

  • Time: 6:30pm

Remember, all members can bring along a friend for FREE! 

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