COVID-19 update

In line with the latest restrictions, we’re excited to announce the outdoor pool will be available from Friday 22 October 2021. Terms and conditions of entry apply.

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One alert active

Boroondara Sports Complex and Balwyn Gymnastics Club maintain a set of COVID-safe practices to ensure the wellbeing of gymnasts and families.

COVID-19 still poses a serious health threat to the community and we will be taking all of the precautionary steps necessary to keep you and our staff safe.

We have implemented a series of COVID-safe practices specific to our gymnastics studio lessons. These practices are summarised in the drop down fields below. 

Further details on these practices are listed below and within our Family Information Handbook.

Contact tracing at our centre

Boroondara Sports Complex is now using the Victorian Government Contact Tracing System.

All responsible parents/guardians of gymnastics members are required to check in to our centre dropping off or picking up their child.

We understand that some children are dropped off by multiple family members. In this instance, all adults attending our centre are required to scan our on site QR Code.

For more information relating to the Victorian Government Contact Tracing application, please visit the Service Victoria website.

  • Classes and Debits

    When will classes be returning?

    We are excited to announce that our full gymnastics program will recommence on Friday 25th June.

    Will direct debits be restarted?

    Yes! Our direct debit cycle will recommence from Thursday 1st July.

    How long do the classes run for?

    In line with our COVID-safety plan, we will be continuing with shorter class times for the remainder of Term 2. For information on your lesson length and price please refer to our gymnastics page.

  • COVIDSafe Gymnastics

    In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, a number of changes have been made to ensure the safe delivery of our program.  Information containing the changes to our programming can be found in our Parent Information Handbook.

    This handbook has been designed to provide key information to those attending the gymnastics program and includes key information including:

    • Changes to existing processes and procedures
    • Expectations in a COVID safe environment (Our COVID Safety Plan)
    • Changes to program operation
    • Hygiene and cleaning processes
    • Facility layout information
    • Supervision and traffic management
  • Class duration, pick up/drop off and spectators

    Class duration

    In line with our COVID-safety plan, we will be continuing with shorter class times for the remainder of Term 3.

    For information on your lesson length and price please refer to our gymnastics page.

    What is the pick-up / drop-off procedure?

    Those with school-aged students will need to complete the drop-off and pick up process;

    • Children are to be dropped off upstairs in the gymnastics foyer no more than 10 minutes prior to class commencement time.
    • Parents should remain within close proximity of the facility and be contactable via phone.
    • Children are to be collected from the gymnastics foyer within 5 minutes of the class concluding.
    • In the interest of everyone’s safety parents/guardians must not stop in the driveway to drop their child off. You must park in a marked car space and walk your child to the door should they need assistance.
    • It is recommended where possible (children over 10 years of age) that parents/guardians do not enter the facility and a designated pick up / drop off point is utilised within the car park.


    • Due to capacity limitations in centre,only one parent / guardian / carer is permitted for pre-school aged children and those children who require parental supervision (e.g. GoZone classes). We kindly ask that families with school aged children follow the drop-off / pick-up procedure below.
  • Maintaining a COVID-safe environment

    Boroondara Sports Complex maintains a facility wide COVID Safety Plan which is available to download.

    The following information is sample from the full plan.

    Temperature Scanning

    • Temperature scanning provides a layer of protection by identifying those who may have a high temperature.
    • All staff and contractors will have temperature checks prior to commencing work.
    • Should a temperature above 38 degrees be detected an additional test(s) will be completed.
    • Should subsequent tests confirm the prior reading, the staff member will be asked to return home.

    Physical Distancing Requirements

    • A distance of 1.5m between people throughout our facilities and programs.
    • All spaces have been measured and 4m2 capacity restrictions are in place where required.
    • Removal of seating and equipment has occurred to ensure social distancing.

    Signage and Instruction

    • Hygiene signage and floor, seat and bench decals have been installed to guide patrons.
    • Areas within the facility have signs advising of capacity, these limits must be complied with at all times.

    Increased Hygiene and Cleaning

    • Hand sanitiser stations have been installed at entry/exit, in high touch point areas and areas of high traffic.
    • Cleaning has been increased with staff regularly cleaning touch points.
    • Where required all staff, visitors and patrons will wear a mask within Y facilities.

    Staff Training

    • All staff have been trained in COVID Safety training provided by the Health Department.
    • Staff have undergone Y Victoria training and signed commitment to being COVID-Safe.

    Confirmed Case

    • In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 the Y has an 8 step confirmed case process.
    • This process ensures isolation, reporting, tracing and cleaning occurs before an area or facility can reopen.
    • Everyone who enters our facility will have their details recorded to assist with contact tracing.
  • Program operation

    Class duration

    • Most classes have been reduced by 15-minutes to provide sufficient time and to conduct essential cleaning between lessons.
    • In order to achieve our 15-minute change over process we have made two key changes
      • Gymnast of the week certificates will not be distributed in the last minutes of classes.
      • We are working on alternative methods to recognise our gymnasts during this time.
      • The warm-up will now be incorporated into the initial apparatus rotation with your class.

    Make up classes

    • Members can access a maximum of four make-up classes per calendar year.
    • Make-up classes are dependent on vacancies in other classes.

    Communication between families and coaches

    • In order to maximise activities during lessons we ask that families contact our Gymnastics Coordinator outside of lesson times.
    • Our Gymnastics Coordinator is able to answer questions about your child's progression or review your current lesson schedule.


    • Zones have been developed within the gymnastics area to ensure the environment is controlled. 
    • These zones have been measured out with the total square metres of each zone known. 
    • This has enabled us to easily manage the amount of people in a zone and assists in keeping separating students.
    • Gymnasts will be required to stay as a group during classes and stay within their designated zone.
  • Cleaning and hygiene
    • Sanitisation stations have been placed around the gymnastics area, including entry and exit into the space. 
    • Prior to and throughout each class, gymnasts will be required to complete a personal sanitisation practices (handwashing and sanitising).
    • These practices may occur when participants are changing zones, switching equipment and if they sneeze or cough.
    • Additional cleaning will occur between lessons.
    • Where possible equipment that cannot be wiped between lessons will be removed from circulation.