Whether you play for fun or fitness, if you’re a beginner or advanced, come along to our Sunday night Mixed Netball competitions!

Registrations for the upcoming season


Competition Details

  • Mixed netball terms and conditions
    Read the code of conduct for players, parents, coaches and spectators, as well as the heat and forfeit policy in the mixed netball terms and conditions document. 
  • Competition day and game times
    • Competitions are held on Sunday nights between 5:00pm and 10:00pm
    • Games are played throughout the school holidays

    All Bye requests must be emailed to bsc.competitions@ymca.org.au. Please understand that such requests are not guaranteed and that any requests made after the full fixture is completed cannot be processed.
    Please note: we will not be taking time preference requests. We aim to build a fixture that is fair for all teams. Time slots are based on divisions.

  • Season timetable: Term 1 & 2 2022
     Date Round 
    6 February Grading Round 1 
    13 February Grading Round 2 
    20 February Grading Round 3 
    27 February 1
    3 March
    13 March 3
    20 March
    27 March 5
    3 April
    10 April 7
    17 April No Games
    24 April No Games
    31 April 8
    8 May 9
    15 May 10
    22 May 11 
    29 May 12
    5 June 13
    12 June 14
    19 June Semi Finals
    26 June Grand Finals
  • Season fees

    Team registration fees:

    • $225.50 registration
    • $72.80 per week
  • Competition entry/withdrawal/forfeits/finals
    • All team registrations need to be submitted online with all player details.
    • Late teams cannot be guaranteed immediate entry into the competition, their grade will be dependent on availability.
    • If teams need to forfeit/withdraw, please notify the centre as soon as possible. Fees will apply as per below
      • Notified forfeit (greater than 24 hours prior) $109.20
      • Un-notified forfeit (less than 24 hours prior) $145.60
      • Withdrawal from competition $145.00
      • Forfeit fees must be paid in full before the teams next scheduled game
    • Finals will be scheduled for those teams who finish in the top 4 places. The schedule for finals will be 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 with the winners progressing through to a grand final.
    • All players must play a total of five (5) games to qualify for all finals games. Please note: Byes do not count towards finals eligibility. Boroondara Sports Complex will not make any allowances towards this rule. Any team that plays a player that has not qualified for finals will result in a forfeit. To ensure player eligibility is confirmed – the team sheets must be filled in thoroughly each game with each player’s positions marked on the team sheet.

Competition Rules

  • Uniform rules

    It is the responsibility of all teams to ensure they have correct uniforms. Teams have a 3-week window from the beginning of each season to have matching uniforms. Penalties will apply to teams who do not abide by these rules.

    Penalties are as follows: 2 points per garment after Round 3. No pockets are permitted (even if taped). Facial piercings or a wedding band must be covered with brown tape; no other jewellery is permitted on court. Tape or nail scissors will not be supplied by BSC and is the responsibility of the team.

  • Player conduct

    Boroondara Sports Complex heavily encourages sportsman like behaviour. Never argue with an official. If you disagree, have your captain approach the umpire or the courts supervisor after the completion of the game. The code of conduct must be adhered to at all times by players and spectators.


  • COVID Safe plan
  • General information
    • Please only arrive at the centre a couple of minutes prior to your game time.
    • We ask that players come prepared to play, in uniform.
    • Please bring a filled water bottle that is labelled.
    • If a player is unwell or has been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, please do not attend your scheduled class and contact the centre immediately.
  • Spectators
    • Where possible, spectators to games should be minimised.

Fixtures and Results