By invitation only, our competitive gymnastic stream, GymStar Squad, gives children the option to take their sport to the next level.

This is a Gymnastics Victoria recreational-competitive program that provides the gymnast with the opportunity to grow their gymnastics skills and focus strongly on their technique and execution including acrobatic movements and aerial awareness.

Throughout the year GymStar hold competitions for gymnasts to enter. GymStar Competitions focus on participation and teamwork, as well as individual and team achievements and skill development.

Gymnasts progress through GymStar levels and attend external competitions to perform competitive level skills. Gymnastics Victoria GymStar classes are grouped according to age and ability.

Our state of the art gymnastics facility is fully equipped with a sprung floor, trampolines, swinging ropes, rings, bars, balance beams and more.

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Program Levels

Balwyn Gymnastics Club employs the GymStar programming model to facilitate our Recreational Competitive Gymnastics program.

The GymStar model emphasises the execution of skills and performance of routines. Participants progress through ten levels which reflect their progress in developing new skills.

We have established three squad types which support GymStar levels relevant to participants  age and ability.

Participants in our Junior and Senior Squads are expected to participate in GymStar competitions with other local clubs.

GymStar competitions utilise the following apparatus: Floor, Beam, Vaults, Bars, Rings and Parallel Bars

Please note: Participants are accepted into our GymStar program through invitation only. 

Mini Squad

Ages: 4 - 7 years

Class Duration: 45 minutes

Mini Squad is a preliminary program which establishes basic gymnastics skills required for proceeding squad levels.

Gymnasts participating in Mini Squad do not attend competitions.

Please note: participation in Mini Squad does not guarantee a gymnastic will be invited to join the Junior Squad program.

Junior Squad

Ages: 7 - 11 years

Class Duration: 1 hour

Junior Squad participants progress through GymStar levels 2-5 to learn more advanced gymnastic skills. 

Participants at all levels participate in Junior Squad lessons, however gymnasts will always be placed in a class time that matches their ability and age.

Gymnasts participating in Junior Squad are expected to attend competitions.

Senior Squad

Ages: 10+ years

Class Duration: 2.5 hours

Senior Squad participants progress through GymStar levels 5-10 to learn more advanced gymnastic skills. 

Participants at all levels participate in Senior Squad lessons, however gymnasts will always be placed in a class time that matches their ability and age.

Gymnasts participating in Senior Squad are expected to attend competitions.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can my child change or upgrade to a new class?
    Participants may change their class day or time, or upgrade to a new level at any time during or at the end of a term. Once the participant displays 70-80% competency in the skills for their current level, as per the Gymsafe/LaunchPad curriculum, the coach will issue them with a ‘level transfer’ notice and ‘level passed’ certificate. This notice must then be taken to reception to make and confirm the relevant changes. Changes will not be made automatically. Upgrades and changes are dependent on class availability. Additional fees may be applicable when changing classes or increasing the number of training hours.
  • What should my child wear?
    Balwyn Gymnastics Club requires participants to wear comfortable, appropriately sized active wear to all gymnastics programs. Participants are not permitted to wear socks, shoes, denim, dresses, skirts or stockings while participating in classes. No jewellery should be worn by participants, as this has the potential to cause injury to the gymnast/coach and may damage apparatus. Earrings should not be worn, however small studs are acceptable.

    Hair should be tied back neatly and should not get into the participants eyes or face. Coloured hair spray is not permitted. For older gymnasts, deodorant is required.

    A club hoodie, leotard (sleeveless or long sleeved design) and club T-shirt are available for all participants in the program to purchase at an additional cost. Please see reception for further information.
  • Can I take photos of my child?
    Balwyn Gymnastics Club does not permit parents, guardians, spectators or participants to take photographs of children participating in gymnastics programs. YMCA is committed to the safeguarding of children and young people. We are aware that photography and video can be misused for inappropriate purposes, and by prohibiting this behaviour, can minimise the risk of misuse within our programs.

    Full details of the YMCA Safeguarding Children and Young People can be obtained on request at the centre, or online at