Holiday season opening hours

We will be operating at reduced hours during this period, please visit our public holiday opening hours for more details.

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Everyone is welcome to use our facilities for a casual entry fee. If you're a regular user, a membership is a better value option.

To find out more about our memberships, visit our memberships page or our gymnastics memberships page.  

Visit us during our opening hours or feel free to contact us.

Casual prices

  • Aquatics
    Casual Swim Entry
    Swim entry adult $8.00 
    Swim  - concession or child $6.40
    Group swim  (1 adult + 3 children or 2 adults + 2 children)  **** $20.50
    Spectator (Adult supervising a child over 5, not entering the water) Free 
    Swim, sauna, spa combo $15.40
    Swim, sauna, spa combo (concession)
    $ 12.30
    Swim Passes  
    10 swim pass adult $80.00
    10 swim pass concession $64.00
    25 swim pass adult $200.00
    25 swim pass concession $160.00
    Swim Lane Hire  
    Community lane hire $56.85
    Commercial lane hire $71.75
    Swimming Lessons  
    Direct debit - per fortnight (Fee per lesson: $22.15) $40.90
    Third and subsequent children receive a 5% discount on lessons.  
  • Gym
    Gym Access (18+) $28.20
    Gym Access (18+) (Concession) $22.55
  • Group Fitness
    Casual Entry Prices  
    Group fitness class $20.00
    Group fitness class (Concession) $16.00
    Designated older adults class $12.10
    Multi Visit Passes  
    10 group fitness pass adult $199.90
  • Personal Training
    Direct Debit Personal Training  
    30 minutes (member)  $47.70
    30 minutes (non-member)  $54.85
    Casual Personal Training  
    30 minute visit pass (member)  $52.20
    30 minute visit pass (non-member)  $58.65
    Small Group Personal Training  
    30 minutes (member)  $39.40
    30 minutes (non-member)  $45.15

  • Stadium
    Stadium Price
    Casual shooting $8.00
    Casual shooting (concession) $6.40
    Court hire
    Community court hire (peak) $66.45 per hour
    Community court hire (off-peak) $51.80 per hour
    Commercial court hire (peak) $83.20 per hour
    Commercial court hire (off-peak) $64.75 per hour
    Badminton court hire $21.75 per hour
    For full court bookings please see our stadium page
    Clubs and programs
    Keenagers (senior table tennis) $6.40
    Pickleball $6.40
  • Gymnastics
    PlayGym (per session)  $10.90
    For a full list of our gymnastics classes and direct debit prices, please visit our gymnastics membership information page
  • Child Care

    We offer two styles of care: Sessional Care and Occasional Care.

    • Sessional Care: for parents and carers who are planning to stay within the centre while their child is in care.
    • Occasional Care: for parents and carers who would like to pursue activities outside the centre while their child is in care. Please see our Child Care page for more information about Occasional Care.
    Sessional Care - Members  (per 1.5 hour session) $9.30
    Sessional Care - Non-members (per 1.5 hour session) $13.20
    Occasional Care (per 1.5 hour session) $20.90
     Vacation Care (per child, per day) $83.90
     Vacation Care (per child, per day) - lunch order $11.00
  • Children's Birthday Parties
    Birthday party - per child $35.30

Membership Prices

For more information about our individual memberships visit our membership information page.

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