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Gymnasts enrolled in ongoing lessons receive an ongoing membership to Balwyn Gymnastics Club.

A gymnastics memberships offers the following benefits:

  • Automatic re-enrolment in the Balwyn Gymnastics Club program.
  • Access to a structured feedback session twice a year. Sessions run interview style between parents/guardians and coach.
  • Affiliation with Gymnastics Victoria and insurance support.
  • Free access to swimming and aquatic facilities at Boroondara Sports Complex and affiliated centres.


2021 fortnightly membership fees

Balwyn Gymnastics Club operates on a fortnightly debit cycle to withdraw payments for membership fees.

The table below outlines the fortnightly debit fees for gymnastics classes running 2021.

Lesson level Lesson length Fortnightly debit fee
PreGym 45 minutes $41.95
KinderFun 60 minutes $41.95
GymBasics 60 minutes $41.95
GymFun 60 minutes $41.95
GymSkills 75 minutes $52.45
GymSkills Advanced 120 minutes $83.90
Gym4Me 60 minutes $41.95
Gozone 60 minutes $41.95
Special Olympics 60 minutes $41.95
Mini Squad 60 minutes $41.95
Junior Squad 120 minutes $83.90
Senior Squad 150 minutes $104.90
Aerobics Rec 60 minutes $41.95
Aerobics Squad 90 minutes $58.75
Aerodance 90 minutes  $58.75

If you would like to amend your lessons, please contact our Gymnastics Coordinator via email:

Alternatively, you can book a call back appointment and a member of our team will make contact at your preferred time.

  • Enrolment and bookings

    Our Gymnastics Coordinator manages the enrolment booking process for Balwyn Gymnastics Club.

    Get in touch with our Gymnastics Coordinator via email ( or call us during our opening hours.

    Alternatively, you can schedule a phone call by booking a call back appointment.

    Please note: all families joining our gymnastics program are required to complete enrolment paperwork in person before their child’s first class.

    The completed paperwork can be returned via email or dropped into the centre.

  • Cancellations

    Participants that wish to cancel their enrolment must do so in writing by completing a cancellation request form at reception.

    There will be a period of notice of 14 days, unless otherwise specified, between the date of request and the date of actual termination, during which any payments due must still be paid in full.

    All cancellation requests require a minimum of 14 days’ notice (unless otherwise specified) between the date of request and the date of actual termination.

    During this period any payments due must still be paid in full; this may include a pro rate of the fortnightly debit fee.

  • Debit process, fees and refunds

    Fortnightly debit process

    Membership fees are paid fortnightly by direct debit.

    The gymnastics program runs for 46 weeks over the course of the year. The cost of the 46 week program is divided evenly over 50 weeks (25 fortnightly payments).

    For example: $21.90 per class x 46 weeks / 25 fortnights = $40.30 per fortnight.

    Debits therefore occur beyond the program dates. The intent behind the 25 fortnightly debits per year is to minimise the cost impact to families by reducing the value of each debit.

    Our current fortnightly membership fees are listed above.

    Gymnastics Victoria Membership Fees

    Yearly fee: $52.40

    All participants of the gymnastics program will be charged an annual membership fee pertaining to the state body for gymnastics, Gymnastics Victoria. This fee covers the development of  the gymnastics programs and insurance.

    This membership fee is to be paid in full upon enrolment, and then in your child’s first direct debit each year thereafter. This fee includes registration with Gymnastics Victoria/Australia for the calendar year. This fee is not refundable, but may be transferable between affiliated Victorian gymnastics clubs.


    We do not offer refunds for classes missed. Any credit provided is at the discretion of the gymnastics club. Cash refunds are not provided for account credits.

  • Make-up lessons

    What is a make-up lesson?  

    If your child misses their usual lesson and you advise us with at least two hours-notice that you can’t attend, you are eligible for a make-up lesson.

    Each Gymnastics member is entitled a a maximum of four make-up classes per calendar year.

    A make-up lesson allows your child to participate in another lesson of the same level at a later date.

    Make-up lessons availability is dependent on vacancies in other lessons.

    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee make-up lessons will be with the same Gymnastics teacher or your preferred time of day.

    What lessons are available for a make-up?

    All programs offered by Balwyn Gymnastics Club qualify for the make-up lesson option.

    To organise a make-up lesson, please contact our Gymnastics Coordinator via the following options:

    How far in advance can I book a make-up lesson?

    Enrolments in each class change frequently, this is due to a number of reasons such as children progressing to the next level and families needing to move to another day.

    In order to provide families with continued program flexibility for permanent class enrolments, make-up lessons can only be booked a maximum of six days in advance.

    What happens if I’m not able to attend my make-up lesson?

    An additional make-up lesson cannot be made if you cannot attend a pre-booked make-up lesson.

    Unfortunately, a make-up lesson that is unattended is forfeited.

    I forgot to cancel my attendance. Can I still use my make-up lesson?

    We require you to cancel your standard lesson to be eligible for a make-up.

    Cancelling with as much notice as possible also provides opportunities for other gymnasts to schedule a make-up lesson at your regular lesson time.

    Can I purchase more make-up lessons?

    Balwyn Gymnastics Club does not offer additional make-up lessons for purchase.

    Each Gymnastics member is entitled to a maximum of four make-up lessons per calendar year.

    Medical suspensions are available if your child is unwell for two successive weeks or more (a medical certificate is required).

    If I cancel my gymnastics membership and re-join in the same calendar year, do I get four more make-up lessons?

    The maximum of four make-up lessons for each child per year remains the same even if your enrolment changes during the year.

  • Suspensions

    Medical suspensions must be submitted at the centre or emailed to with a copy of the Doctor's Certificate.

    Medical suspensions can only be backdated for one month and must last a minimum of two weeks in duration. Participants wishing to maintain their place in their class must remain enrolled and pay gymnastics fees during voluntary absences (school camps, holidays etc.)

    Alternatively, participants are able to cancel and re-enrol at a time convenient for them without guarantee that their position will be maintained.

    There are no additional fees associated with re-enrolment.

  • Downloads and forms
  • Insurance

    Personal accident insurance is included in the Gymnastics Victoria membership fee paid annually by each participant.

    Accident insurance is provided by Marsh Advantage Insurance and may cover injuries sustained whilst doing gymnastics at/with Balwyn Gymnastics Club.

    All claims must be notified to March Advantage insurance within 30 days of the accident. Further information is available via the March Advantage Insurance website.

  • Liability and acceptance of risk

    Any activity involving height or motion, including gymnastics and related activities, and/or involving gymnastics equipment, including trampolines, sprung floors, bars, balance beams, vaulting equipment, and/or physical activity in general, involves significant risk of participants suffering personal injury, including the possibility of serious injury, permanent disability or death. All participants who engage in such activities do so at their own risk.

  • Medical attention

    Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that Balwyn Gymnastics Club is given all relevant contact details in the event of a medical emergency.

    Where immediate medical attention is required, and neither parents nor the emergency contact can be contacted, the parent/guardian of the participant gives consent for the child to be treated by a medical professional as arranged by Balwyn Gymnastics Club.

    Balwyn Gymnastics Club will contact emergency services (e.g. ambulance) in the event of any major injuries. All fees associated with seeking medical attention (including ambulance costs) on behalf of your child are the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the participant concerned.

    Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to consider ambulance cover and private health insurance in the event of an emergency involving your child.

  • Member and participant conduct

    Inappropriate physical, verbal or other behaviour towards any employee, contractor, guest or participant of Balwyn Gymnastics Club, may result in removal from the facility and cancellation of enrolment. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual at its discretion.

    Participants in Balwyn Gymnastics Club programs are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the clubs Gymnast Code of Conduct, displayed in centre and available on the Balwyn Gymnastics Club website.

    Failure to comply with the Balwyn Gymnastics Club Rules may result in disciplinary action and/or the cancellation of enrolment.

    Gymnast Code of Conduct

     As a gymnast of Balwyn Gymnastics Club, I will:


    • Respect my fellow gymnasts and all coaches
    • Respect the gymnastics space and equipment


    • Encourage all of my fellow gymnasts to do their best


    • Practice good sportsmanship
    • Not use disrespectful language or bully others


    • Always try to listen to and apply my coach’s feedback
    • Never give up, even if it’s a tough skill!


    • Ensure no one feels left out


    • Ask my coach for help when I am hurt or need assistance


    • Always be willing to help my fellow gymnasts